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When you support USCJ, you ensure that our mission is carried out in the following key areas.

Strengthening Congregations

With your support, USCJ works with local congregations and and their leadership teams to provide guidance at every level—from technical support to visionary leadership training. With expert knowledge on operational best practices and programming that ensures lifelong learning and vibrant membership, USCJ is here to help congregations across the country and beyond thrive.

See how USCJ is helping congregations to ensure that all Jews can feel welcome and share their talents through more inclusive practices:

Engaging and Empowering Teens

USCJ programs empower teens in local communities to develop leadership skills, a sense of belonging to the Jewish people, and a commitment to inspired Jewish living.

Thanks to supporters like you, USY, USCJ’s youth movement, has brought the joy of Judaism to life for teens for over 60 years, inspiring them to deepen their Jewish practice, become leaders, make a positive impact on the world, and develop lasting connections to their Jewish identities.

See how USCJ is supporting Jewish teens, including LGBTQ+ teens, with your help:

Advocating for an Authentic and Dynamic Judaism

USCJ believes that it is incumbent upon the Jewish people to shape Judaism in every generation by grappling with traditional values and ideas within a contemporary context. Balancing tradition and modernity is a dance, which ignites innovative ideas—those that shape our work to strengthen synagogues and those that influence how we live meaningfully as Jews today.

Thanks to your support, we can continue to help Jews to lead truly fulfilled lives; and in an ever-evolving world, provide a message of compassion, enlightenment, and holiness to communities everywhere. 

See how USCJ is promoting an authentic and dynamic Judaism by encouraging inclusion of all Jews:

Connecting Individuals and Congregations

USCJ is the network that ensures there are thriving centers of Jewish practice across North America, Israel, and beyond that celebrate both tradition and contemporary life. With your generosity, we connect congregations and individual Jews to each other through events like USCJ Convention, the largest gathering of Conservative Jews in North America, our Large Congregation Conference, which brings together leadership of our largest synagogues to discuss current events and issues specifically relevant to synagogues of this size, and The Commons, USCJ’s digital community platform for lay and professional leadership of our member congregations to share ideas and resources, engage in conversation and create networks of purpose.

See Rabbi Naomi Levy lead a Passover prayer during USCJ’s virtual Global Gathering for Healing, which connected Jews all over the world during the initial COVID-19 quarantine:

Our values define who we are and how we work. We hold ourselves accountable to these pursuits each and every day as we demonstrate what an authentic and dynamic Judaism looks like.

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